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moneyy_minded's Journal

5 August
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I am Evetta, Ceo of Moneyy-Minded Records& Ent. I am manager and personal assistant to Fiya, aka Ms Media Mogul (Whom is very versatile), and Modelchic Rita (whom dances, raps, and sings!). I also host my own radio show every wed. from 5p-7p on www.street933.com produced by Ms Fiya of B.E.T.'s comicview. Just recently "Condom Nation" for National Aids Foundation, allowed A.T.M.B.C. (A Team Media Broadcasting Company) to choose 35 lucky people to join them in Washington D.C. for the first ever "Walk" for Aids which is coming up in July. If you are an artists wanting to get your music played on the radio please inbox me for more information. I also have promo packages available for artists and other corporations, I work with all budgets! Every 1st Saturday of the month we have our "1st Saturdays with street93.3" I strongly suggest artists wanting to participate get on the list a.s.a.p. follow me on twitter: @moneyyminded, facebook: Evetta Ceo
dean koontz, eminem "not afraid", fiya, listening to music, ms media mogul, reading, salt shaker drop, stephen king, true blood, v.c. andrews, writing